The first-generation Ford Mustang was manufactured by Ford from March 1964 until 1973. Time to take this classic cat to the 21st century.

The High Voltage Tesla powered 1965 Mustang has been an almost 2-year-long labor of love (and hate).

Mission Statement

Turn a 55+-year-old car into a beautiful drivable 21st-century work of art. Make it look better than when it left the factory. Put a modern and powerful electric drivetrain into it and leave as much as possible in its classic styling.

Here is the story

Found in a scrapyard, one 1965 Ford Mustang coupe with an inline 6-cylinder engine. Pull out the Internal combustion engine (ICE) and put in a beautiful reVolt Systems Tesla drive unit. Install a Ford 9-inch differential. Load a Mark Williams carbon fiber driveshaft. Add 16 Tesla Model S battery packs and Tesla rear brakes. Manage all of that power with an Orion BMS 2, an Elcon Charger, and an EV Controls T2C controller. Add Racing wheels, Riken Raptor tires, Speedway 4 link rear end, and Jonny Law Motors Mustang II front end. State-of-the-art Oracle Lighting headlights, TMI Pony interior, PPG Paint, Retrosound stereo, Summit Racing steering wheel, Johnny Law Motors steering column, Aurora Gages, many, many parts from Legacy EV, Evolve Electrics, Mouser, and Waytek. Throw in lots and lots of busted knuckles, long days and nights, endless planning and designing, and finally, you have

High Voltage

an American Classic Automobile that is ready for the 21st Century.

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