Episode 1: finding the car

Episode 2: What did we do?

Episode 3: What is inside?

What do we do with suspension?

How do we put this together?

Pulling the ancient rear end! 

Let's talk front end.

Why are there so many rear ends?

Should a front end, be so hard? Or, we don't know what we are doing?

Helix Mustang II Front suspension

Speedway 4-Link Rear suspension

Where do the batteries go?

Are disc brakes better than drum brakes?

What are you doing to my Tesla motor?

What? You have to put the batteries in a box?

Battery box, product development

What can you tell me about the Tesla model S batteries?

How do we put it together?

You can do an EV conversion in 17 minutes?

Revolt Crate Motor Review

La Vida Volta

Don't Listen to this Guy